Cevahir Shopping Mall

Cevahir Shopping Mall

Istanbul Cevahir Shopping Mall

Cevahir Shopping Mall isn’t the only biggest shopping mall of Istanbul and Turkey and also the biggest shopping mall of Europe! Amazingly, it’s the sixth biggest shopping mall in the world!

Cevahir Shopping Mall is also known as “Şişli Culture and Trade Centre” built on 672.000 square meters and it’s located in a popular district of Istanbul. Istanbul Cevahir Shopping Mall built by Cevahir Holding and opened it’s doors to visitors in 2005.

Cevahir Shopping Mall

Lately, it’s sold to St. Martins Property which is owned by Kuwaiti investors.  After this sale, style of Cevahir Shopping Mall changed a bit like Arabic style. Mainly it’s changed to “gold like“; deluxe, showy, shinny, luxurious and sumptuous colors and design. Palm trees inside and dominant “gold like” yellow color easily understandable details of Arab design which I don’t really like.

Visitors have the opportunity to shop in an acclimatized, hygienic and safe environment combining daylight and the spaciousness of outside stress thanks to its architectural design, which pushes new boundaries in the understanding of the shopping center. Istanbul Cevahir, as Turkey’s most entertaining shopping center of Turkey, offer its visitors an optimal shopping experience with more than 200 shops over 6 floors with A car parking space for 2,500 cars.

The center is home to cinemas, delicious food and limitless entertainment in Atlantis, a covered thematic play park, all in one place under the roof of the Istanbul Cevahir Shopping Center, which presents a new way of living.

Cevahir Shopping Mall

Istanbul Cevahir Shopping Center is strategically located in Istanbul, Turkey’s main metropolitan area. Apart from the varied mix of trademarks shops including Koçtaş, YKM, Debenhams, Teknosa, Tepe Home and Migros with the most important national and international trademarks in the organized retail business, the center serves its local or foreign customers 365 days a year with 230 shops.

Cevahir is probably the most popular shopping mall of Istanbul for tourists, after Istinye Park Mall. It’s open almost everyday (except national holidays), between 10.00 to 22.00.

During 2012, “30 million people” visited Cevahir Shopping Mall. Many of these tourists are from rich Arabic countries. So don’t think the visitors you see inside are Turkish, they are mostly tourists.

Nowadays there are; 341 shops, 52 restaurants, 14 cinemas, 1 show stage, 1 bowling hall and 1 roller coaster is located in the mall. The mall has 10 floors, 6 for shopping and 4 for parking.

The building’s 2,500 m2 (26,910 sq ft) glass roof carries the second biggest clock in the world, with three-metre (10 ft) high digits.

Cevahir Shopping Mall

If you have intention to visit all the shops inside with short time periods, it won’t be surprising that you’ll spend all your day in mall. So it’s better to decide, which shops would you like to visit before you go there.

Beside this, if you add this huge mall to your travel plans, try not to choose weekends. During weekends, because of the crowded and shopaholics – Cevahir Shopping Mall might be a stressing place for you (if you are not used to crowded).

Cevahir Shopping Mall is protected by private security and has some strict security rules. Every visitor is getting in after security-check and there are security cameras everywhere. But still don’t forget to be aware of pickpockets. As you know, this mall is being visited by 30 million people every year, so there will always be bad-guys around despite the security arrangements.

You can go Cevahir Shopping Mall via metro or metrobus.

Tax Free Shopping

Cevahir Shopping Mall

Tax Free service is located at the info desk at our main entrance. With this service you can claim your VAT refund immediately after shopping.

Refunds at Downtown Cash Refund at Cevahir Shopping Mall are paid in Turkish currency (TL) and are limited to a maximum 500 TL. Tourists are required to provide a credit card with a 4 months validity in order to use this service.

The Cash Refund is made “in advance”, subject to obtaining a customs stamp on departure from Turkey, on the Global Blue Cheque within 21 days from the date of issue and return the cheque to Global Blue. As a conclusion; to be able to use this alternative service, you must be leaving the country within 21 days after collecting the “advance cash refund”.

Entertainment Units

Dance of the Octopus: Well, you probably know about those typical ballets at the fairs. But you can definitely not know the the Dance of the Octopus without taking the ride! With the bumpy up & down paths, forward & backward drives, and with rotation of 360 degree around its own axis; moments full of excitement at this unit are waiting for you!

Crazy Shark: You must have heard the screams that come from the craziest and most famous amusement unit of Atlantis. Are you brave enough to get on this 15 meters monster in order to turn around all sides of Atlantis within 50 km/hr?

Cevahir Shopping Mall

Fear Boat: Man shall go against his fears to overcome them. He shall take the Fear Boat and face the most terrifying monsters for three minutes and sweat blood. Then he shall make fun of the friend who took the ride together and got scared like hell.

Atlantis Tower: Where else could you experience the feeling of free fall from 25 meters down that safely? You should try this free fall tower for 12 people without losing time. Your adrenalin levels will hit the highest point!

Time Machine: A Journey in time is possible now! Take the time machine; shoot the aliens on the road with the laser guns. Let’s see how many you will kill?

Wave: So, guess who will be the Master of the Waves? We will see who is mastering the universe at this 18 persons unit that rotates 360 degree around horizontal axis for three minutes.

Cevahir Shopping Mall

Storm: This must be the perfect storm, if there is one! You will measure your courage by going back & forward at your axis and turning around 360 degree on a boat of 18 people. If you want to experience the feeling of being caught at storm in the middle of an ocean, in the middle of the city; then you should try the Storm!

Zip zip: This unit is for the kids to jump and have fun, Its a completely secure field for the kids to have fun for 15 minutes.

Play garden: This is the most fun play garden of Istanbul. A very colorful ball pool, special racetracks, slides and bunch of friends to play together? Your kid will love the 15 minutes spent in the Play Garden.

The Atlantis Planet: Your kid might have not been brought by storks, but let the storks take your kids to a journey full of fun. Let them have the joy of cruising over Atlantis with a panoramic view full of fun and laughter.

Cevahir Shopping Mall

Mini Track: Are you saying your kid is too young for taking the dodgem car rides? There are always alternatives in Atlantis. Your kid can both develop his/her skills and also can crash around fearlessly.

Carousel: A funfair classic the children dream of! We are waiting for our children who want to take the journey to the fairy tales world with the most beautiful horses and snow white carts.

4d Theater  Wear your 4D glasses, take your seat that is synchronously moving along the video and keep your breath before the 12 people capacity, unique 4D cinema simulation experience.

Flying Whales: Don’t try these Flying Wales if you think you get sick easily! Because you will tackle over 360 degree for 1.5 minutes on these monsters defying gravity and will have difficulties walking straight after you get off them.

Convoy: The children love this convoy! Five attached vehicles move in line, and the entertaining journey lasts for five tours.

Sega Game Consoles: All kids and adults will have a good time with the cutting edge technology Sega game consoles and simulators spread around the Atlantis Center. You can have some extraordinary fun with one of the most thrilling Sega race consoles.

Cevahir Shopping Mall

Laser Max: The destiny of the world is up to you now! The laser gun in your hands, you can walk around rocks and labyrinths, either on your own, or with a team; and test your marksmanship in an environment full of sound & music effects.

Shops Inside Cevahir Shopping Mall

  • Adidas
  • Benetton
  • Bershka
  • Biletix
  • Burger King
  • Café Molinari
  • Cafe Zumo
  • Converse
  • Dockers
  • GAP
  • Samsung
  • Sarar
  • Starbucks
  • Vakko
  • Massiomo Dutti
  • Home Sweet Home
  • KFC
  • L`occitane
  • La Senza
  • Levi’s Jeans
  • Mango
  • Marks&Spencer
  • Mavi Jeans
  • Park Bravo
  • Puma
  • Quiksilver
  • Sony Center
  • Swatch
  • Victoria’s Secret


To view all the shops click here: http://www.istanbulcevahir.com/en-EN/en_KatPlanlari.aspx?kat=1

Time Limited Campaigns

Are you visiting Turkey?

Spend 300 TL or more at Cevahir retailer and receive a free signature Cevahir Shopping Mall bag.

Please present your shopping receipts totaling 300 TL or more at the mall information desk to get your free shopping bag. Qualifying purchases must be made on the same day to be eligible. One gift per customer while stocks last. Only valid for non-Turkish passport holders!

Get your Cevahir Privilege Passport

Get your Cevahir privilege passport from the information desk to receive exclusive 10% discount at selected retailers. Only valid for non-Turkish passport holders!

Contact and Address

Address: Büyükdere Cad. No: 22 34400 Şişli / İSTANBUL

Telephone: 0212 368-69 00

WWW: http://www.istanbulcevahir.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cevahiristanbul

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