How to get in Istanbul

How to get in Istanbul

Getting to the city of Istanbul is not complicated. There are several ways to reach the city properly and without any problems. The majority of the tourists prefer to take a plane to get there because they find some promotions and the flights are available during the entire year. Nevertheless, travelers can reach the city by land, by rail and by sea.

Taking a Plane

As we’ve mentioned before, thousands of travelers arrive in the city of Istanbul on a plane. There are two important airports in the city; we are talking about the Ataturk airport that is located in the Asian side and the Sabiha Gokcen airport that is situated in the European side. Outside these airports, tourists can find several transportation systems to get to the city center (taxis, buses, and rental cars.) In fact, booking a flight ticket and travelling by place is quite easy and fast.

There is a famous airline called Turkish Airlines in Istanbul; however, foreigners can find other international airline companies in the city. In addition, there are plenty of direct flights from Istanbul to many important cities such as New York, London, Milan, Hong Kong and Moscow, just to mention a few.

Taking a bus

Conveniently, there are several big highways that connect the city of Istanbul with many cities that are located in Europe. In this fashion, people who want to visit Istanbul are able to find a lot of bus companies in the city. The cities connected to Istanbul by bus are Germany, Switzerland, Greece, France, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran and much more. The buses are modern with air conditioning. In addition, the bus travel tickets are affordable. Renting a car can be another amazing idea that foreigners can do in order to visit Istanbul.

Taking a Train

It can be also convenient to get to Istanbul because the city has plenty of regular trains that connect the town to other cities such as Hungary, Budapest, Salonica, Kishinev and Iran, just to mention a few. This way of transportation is efficient because it is regulated by the (TCDD) Turkish Railways Authority.

Taking a Ferry

There is a regular ferry in Istanbul which works from Odessa city in Ukraine to Istanbul in Turkey. Moreover, travelers can find cruise ships that are offering daily excursions.

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