When to go Istanbul?

When to go Istanbul?

Nowadays, the city of Istanbul is considered as one of the best touristic destinations abroad due to its astonishing landscapes, stunning landmarks and friendly people. When should you to go Istanbul? Or when is the correct season to visit this interesting city? As it was reported by the Köppen classification, Istanbul has a Mediterranean climate with a strong continental influence. Even though travelers can visit the city during the entire year, it is strongly recommended to book a flight ticket while taking into account the current season.

Without a doubt, fall and spring are the best seasons to explore Istanbul. During the spring. the climate is completely pleasant and the days are quite long. In fact, spring is considered as the high season in the town. Spring comprehends the months of April and May. Even though there are some rainy days, autumn is another excellent season to visit the City of the Seven Hills (Istanbul.) The weather during these months of the year (September and October) is mostly mild and the days are short. Visitors have to bear in mind that autumn is also a high season in the city.

The months of June, July and August comprehend the summer season; the weather is pretty hot. In this part of the year, almost the majority of the resorts in Istanbul are crowded and the prices to enter in one of these resorts are expensive. However, the city is less crowded and it is the perfect moment to explore the principal touristic spots of the zone. It is strongly recommended to buy an umbrella to avoid the tough sun during the day.

On the other hand, the winter can be rainy and chill all the time. Although the sun appears in some occasions, the weather is always cold as usual in this part of the year. This season begins from November until early March. The only positive thing about this season is the low prices in many touristic facilities such as Hotels, restaurants, bars and much more.

In this fashion, the best months to visit this magnificent city are: April, May, September and October. This period is known as the Shoulder season.

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