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Where Is First Church In The World?

The first chuch in the world is Saint Pierre Church, the catholic church. It is situated in Antakya / Hatay / Turkey. It is a church in a cave with a 13 meters of depth, 9,5 meters of length and 7 meters of hight. After the death of Jesus Christ, St. Piere the Apostle came to the city Read Full Article

Student City: Eskisehir

If you want to have a good time and sea beautiful places Eskisehir is the best city for you. The population of the students is as three times as local population. The students have many advantages in this city. You can go out anytime you want. You can eat out any hour you like. You Read Full Article

History Of The Turks

Contrary to what is generally believed, the Turks are in no way related to the Arabs. this misconception arose from the fact that they borrowed their religion and writing from the Arabs, while for centuries the dominated the Arab countries. This resulted in certain customs and practies of Arab-Moslem origin, but, while these have had Read Full Article