Istanbul Travel Guide - Travel to Istanbul

Istanbul is an amazing city in Turkey. In fact, this city is the most important cultural and financial center in this exotic country. The city of Istanbul is situated in the natural area called Bosphorus (between Marmara Sea and Black Sea). The population of this town is basically between 13 and 20 million people approximately. That is why the town is considered as the largest in the world. Historically, the city served as the capital of the Roman Empire from 330 until 395 respectively.

Istanbul can boast of being the city that connects Europe and Asia continents physically, commercially and culturally. There are several districts in the city that tourists can visit. To exemplify, we can mention the Golden Horn, the Sultanahment-Old City, the Bosphorus, The Princes’ Islands, and the Western Suburbs.

The Galata district is considered as a touristic area because of its trendy venues that are located in different streets such as Taksim Square, Istiklal Street and Beyoglu. In addition, there are other districts that have amazing facilities for tourists like the Asian side district and the New city.


The weather in this part of the world is strongly influenced by the continental climate with snowy winters with 8° C during the day and 2° C at night, hot summers with 18° C at night and 27° C during the day ( unfortunately, there is a little bit of humidity in summer.)

The town has a rainfall of 844 mm annually. The wettest seasons are autumn and winter, and the driest seasons are summer and spring. In this fashion, it is quite recommendable to visit the city during the late spring that comprehends May and June and the beginning of autumn (September and October); during these months the climate is very pleasant for foreigners.

The City

Istanbul Travel Guide - Travel to Istanbul

The city of Istanbul can boast of being an important city in ancient times. For example, as we’ve mentioned before, this wonderful town served as capital of the Roman Empire but it also was the capital of Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Latin Empire. In 2010, Istanbul was chosen as one of the most important Capital of the culture in Europe. In addition, in 1985 the city was declared as a World Heritage site by the UNESCO.

Tourists can find stunning landmarks and enjoy astonishing landscapes. For instance we can mention the Aya Sofya monument, The Topkapi Sayari (Topkapi Palace), The Bosphorus, the Basilica Cistern and the Cagaloglu Hamani. In addition, travelers can find a large number of touristic restaurants,Hotels, parks, bars, nightclubs and museums in the city.

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