Top 10 Fish Restaurants in Istanbul

Top 10 Fish Restaurants in Istanbul

Would you like to try amazing, top-quality and luxury Turkish restaurants in Istanbul? Then you made a good choice with searching for it! We picked best-10 fish and seafood restaurants in Istanbul for you.

If you want to eat fish in Istanbul, it’s hard to decide where to eat as the city is quite generous in fish restaurants.

Balıkçı Kahraman


Balıkçı Kahraman is located at Rumelikavağı and famous with it’s delicious turbot tandoori. Balıkçı Kahraman is probably one of the most recommended fish restaurant in Istanbul by international and Turkish gourmets. It’s also recommended as best fish restaurant in Istanbul by Turkish gourmet Vedat Milor.

I highly recommend you to try turbot tandoori, scorpion fish and shrimps. Balıkçı Kahraman is known with it’s turbot livers, turbot eggs, mussels, sea bass tandoori and corn bread. Salad and tomatoes are totally organic. Don’t forget to drink Turkish Rakı with seafood and fish.

  • Approximately bill is 150 TL for one person.

Balıkçı Sabahattin


Balıkçı Sabahattin is a world-famous fish restaurant located in Cankurtaran. Balıkçı Sabahattingot two times the cover subject of The New York Times in the first three months in the year 2000. He is truly serving best fish in Istanbul. You will agree to me when you taste their “rice with mussels” and “Sabahattin salad“.

Although on a bit expensive side, you definitely MUST try this place. Mr. Sabahattin and his sons are doing a superb job & if you are a seafood addict like me, then this place will be the highlight of your stay.

Bebek Balıkçı


Bebek Balıkçı that has complete view of Bebek bay, is one of the favorite addresses of many residents of Istanbul with it’s uniquely beautiful view. The place is assertive with its rich menu besides the pleasant atmosphere. Fish meatball, ocean delight, fish cooked in paper and fish cooked in salt are among the dished that should absolutely be tried.

Today, Asitane’s menu comprises only dishes that featured in the kitchens of the royal palaces during this period and provided my introduction to almond soup from the 16th century. Ottoman hummus slightly sweetened with cinnamon and currants; and from the special menu that currently celebrates Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who conquered what was then Constantinople just over 556 years ago, Sultan’s Yahni, a lamb and chicken stew with chickpeas and cumin.

  • The bill to be paid per person is between 150 and 180TL.
  • The place is open every day between 12.00 and 24.00.



The menu that is enriched by the discoveries that have been made in Greek Islands makes Eleos one of the best in the city. The place that shelters Istanbul favors together with American cuisine has branches in Beyoğlu and Yeşilköy. The dictionary meaning of Eleos that is decorated with sea colors white and blue is “compassion”. Octopus salad with curry sauce, topic (appetizer done with crushed sesame seeds, chickpeas, potatoes and onions), fish pastrami and calamari cooked in paper are among the most favorite alternatives.

  • The bill per person in Eleos is between 60 and 80TL.
  • Eleos is open every day between 12.00 and 01.00.

İsmet Baba


This is the first address that comes to mind when Kuzguncuk is mentioned. Ismet Baba that serves in the same building for long years is preferred because of its location close to the sea. The place that has started the business as a meat restaurant has transformed into a fish restaurant with the demands of the frequenters after Dökmecier whom they used to call their grandfather. Shrimp with butter, fish pastrami, calamari and glasswort are among the favorite flavors of the menu besides the seasonal fishes.

  • The bill per person is between 70 and 100TL.
  • The place is open every day between 12.00 and 24.00

Kıyı Restaurant


Kıyı Restaurant that is a fish restaurant classic server in Tarabya since 1966. You can find a quite warm atmosphere in the restaurant. The dishes of the Kıyı Restaurant deserves compliments as much as its warm atmosphere does. Sheppard salad, salted tunny, dried cod, fried calamari, shrimp casserole, octopus salad, ember pepper and leaf liver are among the classics flavors to be tasted.

  • Bill per person is between 100 and 150TL.
  • The place is open every day between 12.00 and 24.00



Poseidon with its view and menu is one of the most preferred places of Bebek. We advise you to start the feast across the sea with fish soup. Poseidon roasted fish, stuffed calamari  octopus baked in oven, marinated sea bass and roasted goose-fish are among the delicious alternatives.

If you’re looking for a great Bosphorus view, you can wine and dine in this elegant and peaceful restaurant, with in summertime a 120 people terrace.

  • The bill per person in Poseidon varies between 100 and 150 TL
  • Poseidon is open every day from 12.00 to 24.00

Suna’nın Yeri (Suna’a Place)


Suna’nın Yeri, that is located in Kandilli is an address which is both a shed and classy. Plus, it’s located by the sea side. The delicious flavors prepared by diligent hands of Suna Türkgezer who is the mistress of the place, have great influence for this place to be a center of attraction. Mashed broad beans and calamari are among the flavors that should be tasted. They cook seasonal fished very well. It is possible to pay a bill per person between 40 and 50 TL if you choose smaller fishes.

  • The place is open every day between 12.00 and 23.00
  • The bill per person in Poseidon varies between 40 TL and 60 TL

Tarihi Ali Baba Balıkçısı


Tarihi Ali Baba Balıkçısı which is a historical place just like its name and serves since 1920. Besides being one of the most secret fish restaurants of the city, it is also a place where you can breathe the air of the Bosporus as much as you want. The restaurant that has a plain atmosphere has a very magnificent menu. It offers the opportunity to taste many types of sea food. Octopus salad, shrimp casserole and eggplant salad are just delicious!

  • The place is open every day between 12.00 and 24.00
  • The bill per person varies between 60 TL and 120 TL

Tarihi Karaköy Balıkçısı Grifin


Tarihi Karaköy Balıkçısı Grifin, that has one of the most beautiful views in city serves at the top floor of 100 year old Grifin Inn in Karaköy. Besides the unique location of the place, gorgeous specialties of Hakan Özkaraman who is the manager are one of the reasons that this place is a loved one. Sea bass on paper should definitely be tasted. We have to note that appetizers are also delicious.

  • For a nice meal, the bill per person varies between 120 and 140TL.
  • The place is open every day between 12.00 and 24.00

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