Where is the best place to order transfer in Istanbul? What are the actual prices for the taxi entire the city and from/to airport in Istanbul? Covid-19 challenge during of using of the taxi. Best taxi operators in Istanbul – order taxi on English by phone.

Group and individual taxi transfers in Istanbul, entire the city and from airport to the hotel, became very popular in current time of global pandemic of Covid-19. The time, when the rules of social distancing are very important and taxi could help to avoid contacts in public transportation. Also, the car rent services became more actual now.

All taxi drivers in Istanbul are required to make daily disinfection and cleaning of the cars. Many of them use the plastic film which is dividing the driver from the passenger. Drivers are wearing masks and you can find the sanitizers in the car.

Taxi in Istanbul: 2022 prices, how and where get transfer services
Taxi in Istanbul is everywhere

Taxi prices in Istanbul in 2022

  • When you seat in the taxi, the taximeter should stand on 7 Turkish Lira, it is the current rate on seat.
  • Average price of 1 km: 4,5 Turkish Lira, it is about 0,3 EUR, or 0,34 USD
  • Minimum price for the trip: 13 Turkish Lira, it is about 1,3 EUR, or 1,58 USD
  • Popular taxi companies: GetTransfer, Kiwitaxi, Intui.travel, Bitaksi, Uber, Koç taxi, Ayasoya taxi
  • Payments made by mileage counter, by cash. Some taxis accept payments by card (Visa, MasterCard)

How to find a taxi in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a big city, and as in ordinary city, there are a lot of taxis on the street. Different local and international taxi companies and the private taxis are servicing the 16 million population of Istanbul and big number of tourists. So, find taxi in Istanbul is very easy.

You just can stop the taxi right on the road or near to the public places like airport, restaurants, museums. Be careful if you chose to stop the taxi on the road, some private drivers can cheat with the price, especially if they see that it is a tourist. If you are confused with the price that taxi driver charged to you, or have any other doubts, ask the driver about it, and mention that you will contact Tourism Police and the Police.

Try to get a taxi of the official yellow color with the signs of the taxi companies. And never, please never, sit at the cars without the signs of taxi, even if they offer a taxi service.

The best option to find safe taxi is to order it by internet, using the popular services like GetTransfer, Kiwitaxi, Intui.travel. This services initially operated as transfer companies from airport to hotel and from hotel to airport. But, now they operate entire all districts of the Istanbul and you can order taxi from your hotel to any part of the city and to any close counties of the Istanbul. For example, you can order a taxi to Istanbul neighbor cities like Izmit and thermal SPAs like Bursa and Yalova.

The big advantage of using the services like GetTransfer, Kiwitaxi, Intui.travel is that you can order them before your visit to Istanbul, on their websites. Make the order to taxis for all your planned trips and pay by the card entire the service, without further cash operations with taxi drivers. It is useful, fast and safe service.

Other benefits of ordering taxi by internet

  • Clear prices, you know how much you pay before the trip;
  • Confidence in safety and quality. In any doubts, you may just ask the support team of the service;
  • Selection of different types and classes of cars, including minivans for big companies;
  • You may ask for special conditions, like the child seats if you travel with small children.

Find the taxi on KiwiTaxi

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