Istanbul in November

Istanbul in November

Istanbul in November is charming. With the advent of autumn cold weather, the tourist crowd subsides. The city is covered with bright foliage and enters the usual business rhythm of life.

In terms of tourism, this month is off-season. That is why hotel prices are set at the lowest. Hoteliers are waiting for a new season for visitors, which will begin on the eve of the new year. See hotels in Istanbul>>

If you are planning a vacation in Istanbul in November, this is a great time to rent accommodation at the most affordable price, visit museums, palaces, shopping centers, an underground city, and in general any indoor attractions.

In November, hamams, coffee houses and excursions to hot thermal springs from Istanbul come to the fore.

While there is still no snow in Cappadocia, you can escape from Istanbul to Nevsehir for 2 days to fly in hot air balloons. In terms of temperature indicators, April weather correlates with November.

November is suitable for tasting traditional hot Turkish soups, ranging from tender meat kelle-pacha to ishkembe offal soup.

Air and water temperature in Istanbul in Novembwr

The weather in Istanbul at the end of autumn is unpredictable. November will be mostly dry with partly cloudy skies. The average monthly air temperature in the month of November varies between 15-16°C during the day and 8°C at night. During the day, the thermometers can rise to 22 degrees with a plus sign.

The water warms up to 15 degrees Celsius, but towards the end of November its temperature drops to 11°C. The maximum water temperature is 20°C, usually observed at the beginning of the month.

Turkey has extended the tourist season – resort hotels will work in November. Seaside hotels usually close in October.

Istanbul in November
Some days of November in Istanbul is rainy and cloudy

The weather in Istanbul in November is changeable and extremely deceptive. For a week and even a day, it can change several times, please with the warmth of 21 ° C and upset with dankness with dull rains.

At the beginning of the month, walks in the air are still comfortable, but coolness is already felt. Closer to the last decade, dampness and wind with gusts up to 25-30 m/s increase. Clouds cover the sky, and a penetrating wind blows from the Bosphorus.

Wear windbreakers – the humidity at this time of the year reaches 80%.

  • Air temperature during the day +16°C, max +22°C
  • Air temperature at night +9-13°C
  • Water temperature +15°C
  • Precipitation/month 55 mm/month
  • Rain 3-10 days
  • Humidity up to 80%
  • Wind speed 5.5 m/s, with gusts up to 25 m/s

How to dress

Many are interested in the question of how to dress in Istanbul in November. If you have planned a trip to Istanbul in the last month of autumn, you should put waterproof things in your suitcase.

What to bring with you from clothes and shoes:

  • Windbreaker or light synthetic winter jacket, leather jacket, scarf, a warm sweater, long sleeve, shirts and t-shirts (for a daytime), boots or sneakers
  • For evening walks and cruises along the Bosphorus or the Golden Horn, a hat or scarf needed. The weather is not stable, you need to take both warm clothes and light clothes. Layering your wardrobe is the best choice for November in Istanbul.
  • The central streets and sidewalks in the city are paved with paving stones, so you should take care of comfortable shoes. Replace heels with sneakers.

Holidays in Istanbul in November

A solo trip to Istanbul in November will be budget friendly. Housing prices in the low season due to bad weather conditions often fall by 25-50%. Also, compared to the high season, the cost of plane tickets is reduced. Traditionally, the cheapest flights to Istanbul can be found on

November is a great time to visit shopping centers, the Sapphire skyscraper, coffee houses and numerous museums and palaces. But long walks on bridges, hills, embankments and near the walls of the Rumeli fortress should be postponed until spring.

Transfer from the airport to the city

How to get from Istanbul Airport to the city center (Sultanahmet, Taksim, Laleli, Beyoglu, Fatih and other areas):

  • Transfer bus (go to Taksim and to the Yenikapı area)
  • Yellow taxis at the airport, the most preferred option is a private transfer with a fixed rate. You will be met with a sign at the airport by a English-speaking driver. Waiting is free.
  • A popular international service for ordering transfers in Istanbul is GetTransfer. The cost here is an order of magnitude lower than that of competitors.
  • You can also order a transfer online in advance on a trusted Kiwitaxi.

Hotel prices in Istanbul in November

Hotels in Istanbul in November traditionally reduce prices by about half, and November shares the championship with February in terms of cheapness. Then in December the tourist period starts again and prices grow by the new year.

So, booking a hotel in the center of Istanbul on in November costs approximately:

  • From $22/day for an apart-hotel or apartment in the Fatih area
  • From $25 for a 3⭐ hotel in Sultanahmet or Taksim
  • From $40 for a 4⭐ hotel in Sultanahmet or Taksim
  • From $60 for a 5 ⭐ hotel in the Fatih or Beyoglu area
  • From $15 for a hostel in the central Fatih area.

Interesting excursions in Istanbul in November: where to go?

November in Istanbul is conducive to trips to museums and palaces, relaxation in hamams (for example, the historical Hürrem Sultan hammam) and cozy coffee houses in the Beyoglu quarters.

Don’t forget to use the Museum Pass Istanbul to get into museums without queues and save on entrance tickets.

The BigBus tours are operating in November as usual, and you can take a hop-on hop-off tours to see main tourist places in 2-3 days.

In addition to self-examination of historical sights in Istanbul, you can order unusual excursions on English from local residents. Among them, gastronomic excursions with tastings of wine, cheeses and traditional Turkish dishes stand out.

Istanbul in November
Ferry tours in Istanbul in November

Holidays and events in November

10th of November. Every November, Istanbul celebrates the Day of Remembrance of the leader of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Ataturk.

Istanbul in November
Day of Remembrance of the leader of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Ataturk

His heart has stopped at 9:50 am on November 10, so mass flash mobs and commemorative events are held annually on this day. For example, fan clubs arrange performances at football stadiums. A moment of silence passes throughout the country. Even transport stops. Departures from Istanbul airports are not scheduled for 9:05. There are almost no entertainment shows and concerts on TV screens.

October 22-November 20 – International Festival of Theater Arts and Acting Istanbul Theater Festival, or IKSV Theatre. The event takes place in dozens of different locations. There are paid performances, free productions and online screenings. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, live broadcasts have been organized in recent years. You can get acquainted with the program on the official website

More info about November in Istanbul

  • Even local meteorologists do not recommend relying on their forecasts. The weather at the end of autumn in the city of two continents is so unstable that you have to be ready for anything.
  • Although we must pay tribute, the temperature in Istanbul in November is quite comfortable for residents of our latitudes, down jackets and fur coats are not needed here.
  • But shorts with T-shirts will not be too appropriate at this time of the year. The traveler’s luggage will be useful if it includes a windproof jacket, jeans, raglans or thin sweaters. Be prepared for the fact that the city may suddenly get warmer, and you will have to remove some of your outerwear.
  • Choose comfortable shoes for the trip so that it is comfortable to roam the streets of paving stones. Sneakers, low-cut closed shoes or demi-season boots are fine.
  • If you are planning a tour to Istanbul in November, do not forget to put useful little things in your suitcase: an umbrella, a camera, a map of the city’s attractions and a good mood.

Shopping in Istanbul in November

Numerous shops, shopping centers, bazaars and shops have always attracted travelers. But at the end of autumn, when local tourism is on the decline, walking between the shopping windows of the city is much calmer. You can wander without haste through the endless labyrinths of local stalls. Read our detailed article about where you can shop in Istanbul.

Istanbul in November
Istanbul shopping

If you have planned a vacation in Istanbul in November, it will be simply frivolous to leave here without gifts and souvenirs. To avoid standard and non-original purchases, look first of all at “authentic things”. The full guide to choose best souvenir and gift is available on our website.

Turkey has always been famous for its spices, sweets and numerous varieties of coffee and tea. For this good, it is better to go to one of the largest in Istanbul, the Egyptian market.

For Turkish porcelain and ceramics, carpets, shawls, scarves, gold and silver amulets, bronze and glass jewelry, go to the Grand Bazaar. This place is one of the main trading platforms and is considered to be the embodiment of oriental tales.

The market is located very well, in the very center of Istanbul, Sultanahmet district. On its territory there are 61 streets, 12 mosques, warehouses, studios, baths, cafes and even one school. Impressive, isn’t it?

Look for antiques and antiques at the Khor-Khor flea market. Locals consider this place an ordinary flea market. But among the ordinary and low-key belongings there is always a pearl of the Ottoman Empire. Only now you can take this pearl with you only with special permission.

But what to do in Istanbul in November for a sophisticated tourist who can no longer be surprised by the treasures of the Ottoman port?

We recommend walking through the second-hand bookstore Çukurjuma (near Galatasaray Square) or the Sahaflar Book Bazaar (between the Beyazit Mosque and the Grand Bazaar Gate).

Connoisseurs of old books can find here manuscripts about Islam and the history of Turkey, old editions of world classics, and, of course, numerous translations of the Koran.

Holidays with children in Istanbul in November

Of course, the weather in autumn is not very favorable for walking by the sea. But if you are planning a trip to Istanbul in November with children, you will definitely have at least one advantage.

The absence of numerous tourists at this time of the year makes local museums and entertainment centers more accessible to real adventurers.

How much is accommodation in Istanbul in November

For the travel industry in Turkey, the end of autumn is considered the off season. And this, oddly enough, is another reason to go on a tour to the city of two continents. Prices for holidays in Istanbul in November are halved.

Given the minimum prices for accommodation at this time of the year, we recommend choosing a hotel closer to the Sultanahmet area. The main attractions are concentrated in the historical center of the city, so you won’t have to spend time on travel.


The doubts of inexperienced tourists are completely understandable whether it is worth going to Istanbul in November. Holidays off the coast of Turkey at this time of the year implies a certain discomfort:

  • Unstable weather, with sudden changes in temperature
  • cold sea

But this, perhaps, is all the inconvenience. Summing up, we can note several advantages of the autumn tour to Istanbul:

  • low flow of tourists;
  • lack of queues in museums and sights;
  • busy schedule of cultural events;
  • calm leisurely shopping tour of local shops;
  • low prices for housing and food.

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